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with great influencers
DigiType Media is a global Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency.
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DigiType Media is one of world's fastest growing marketing agencies. Located in central Europe with a team of enthusiastic specialists, we focus on connecting brands from all sorts of industries and niches with incredible influencers - all over the world, no matter the timezone.
Our Services
Creative Campaigns
As a team, we sit down and create a campaign based on your resources and budget which ticks all the boxes and goals - where precision meets creativity.
Talent Management
Being an influencer isn't as easy as people think. We help influencers all over the world to monetize their content, but more importantly make their life easier, happier and systemized.
Social Media Management
We run the socials for many of our clients and influencers. Thanks to our media experts, we deliver awesome posts while our clients focus on the important stuff.
Our Talents
Here's some of our awesome power rangers for the big stuff.
& 470+ influencers all over the world!
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